We use our own house-made mixers, made here from scratch 

Fresh Lime Margarita 

Arette Tequila Silver, fresh lime, curacao, agave syrup…$10

Passion Fruit Margarita 

Arette Tequila Silver, passion fruit, agave syrup, fresh lime…$11

Cucumber Gin & Tonic

our house gIn, cucumber, Q tonic water, fresh lime…$10

Chocolate-Mint Mojito 

our house rum infused with Mutari cacao, chocolate, fresh mint, brown sugar, seltzer…$11

Pomegranate Cosmo

our house vodka, pomegranite juice, fresh lime juice, agave syrup…$11

Classic Mint Mojito 

our house rum, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, brown sugar, seltzer…$10

Chocolate Martini

our house vodka infused with Mutari cacao nibs, vanilla syrup…$12


James E. Pepper rye, Vya vermouth, Dashfire bitters, organic cherry…$12

Mai Tai 

house rum, passion fruit juice, fresh lime juice, curacao, almond syrup…$12

Moscow Mule

our house vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger juice, agave, seltzer…$11

Vanilla Rum on the Rocks 

house rum with Mexican vanilla bean infusion…$10

Chocolate Dry Martini