For curbside pick-up, along with packing up your picnic, we are now offering Cocktails by the quart for $35. We are also offering some of our local wines by-the-bottle at reduced prices for your pleasure and to help promote some of our favorite local wineries. 

If you would like to pick up your meal at Chocolate curbside, please check out our daily Home-Picnic menu (below), which will be updated every day by noon. Email us your dinner order before 4pm to lorigita@gmail.com . It will be available for pickup at your preferred time between 4-8pm. Please make sure to include a cell number so we can contact you for credit card payment. We are open every night except Sundays.

Alternatively, we are happy to send your meals for delivery, for the sake of keeping traffic down at the restaurant. Our delivery menu is listed and updated every day on  DoorDash. 

HOME-PICNIC MENU: Saturday 4/28

Appetizer Options

*Spinach Salad with Blackened Salmon, organic tomatoes and house pickled cucumbers–$10.00

*Roasted Organic Brussels Sprouts from Rodoni Farms with sesame dipping sauce–(v gf)–$10

*Shiitake Mushroom Soup with Companion Bakery local sourdough (v gf) (12 oz) $6

Main Course Options:

*Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder steeped in our house-made barbecue sauce. Served with potato pie and House Salad (gf)–$16.50

*Sesame-Ginger Jumbo Shrimp (8) with Greek Salad (gf)–$16.50

*Baked Pasta Rosettes with Artichoke Pesto Cream Sauce or Organic Marinara, and House Salad (v)–$14.50


*Big Warm Chocolate Cupcake–$6.50

*Tiramisu’– $8.50

*Pint of Vanilla Bean Gelato (gf) $8.50

This Week’s Featured Wines:

Birichino Winery of Santa Cruz.

Malvasia crisp white $25/Bottle

Vin Gris dry rose’ $25/Bottle

Pinot Noir $30/Bottle

This Week’s Featured Cocktails:

Fresh Lime Margarita $35/quart

Passion Fruit Margarita $35/quart

Pomegranate Cosmo $35/quart

(Upgrade from Arette Tequila to Venus Ladron Silver +$10)